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Welcome to D&E Aircraft of Florida

D & E is your place for Experimental Wing Kits and other Experimental Components. We offer 6 different wing designs; Piper Cub (US35B airfoil), Taylorcraft (23012 airfoil), Citabria / Champ (NACA 4412 airfoil), and 3 different Riblett 56”, 63” & 66” chords (GA 30613.5). The Riblett 66” wing is 1.5” thicker and 3” longer than the traditional Piper wing. The Riblett wing is popular with the Bush Pilots due to its designed for heavy hauling and STOL (short take off / landing) capabilities. We supply these wings in kit form and parts as needed.

Over the years D & E has evolved into the development and production of aircraft aluminum extrusions. These extrusions are innovative original designs, that serve a need to make experimental and home built aircraft building more economical, stronger, and faster. Our spar blanks are 17’ extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum. Our ribs are stamped out of 2024 T-3 aluminum and have a flange that allows the fabric to be riveted, screwed, stitched or Martin fabric clipped. We offer a unique extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum leading edge and spar made for your ailerons and flaps that we call a “D” cell or section. The “D” section stiffens up the ailerons and/or flaps to make them respond a little crisper than the original bent aluminum ailerons and flaps. This also makes them easier to build due to less bending and riveting. Additionally, our kits come with Horner Squared off fiberglass wing tips.

D & E parts can be found advertised in Aircraft Spruce, Wag-Aero, Wicks, and Univair catalogs. Our wings helped to get the 1st Legend Cub off the ground. And now some of our parts help Dakota Cub, and Turbine Cubs of Wyoming finish their planes. We have sold parts to foreign and domestic customers for more than 9 years here in Florida, and over 20 years prior to that from Washington.

We look forward to assisting you in your project needs!

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