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Non Slip Inspection Covers

Riblett Aileron & Flap Rib (Left or Right), Smaller Rib
Piper Type Aileron & Flap Rib (left or Right)

Yoke Assembly with Jack Screw & Nut (3 Pieces)

For Stabilizer

Aileron Bell Crank Mount (Casting) or Cable Guide Pulley Mount.

Tail Brace Wires, Complete Set. All Stainless. Tests 225 #’s more than Original Equipment

Stainless Drag / Anti Drag Wires, with Rolled Threads & Lots of Sizes.

Complete Aluminum Rib Sets of .025 2024 T4
Piper Series, Taylorcraft, Aeronca 7 Series,
Citabria, & Riblett in 57”, 63”, & 66”

Experimental Aileron / Flap Coves made for Cubs, Taylorcraft, Citabria, Aironcas, & Riblett Airfoil.

Spar to Fuselage Attach Fitting (Casting)
Spar to Fuselage Reinforcement (Steel Plate)

Jury strut Clamps for our 4.250 Struts. Polished Stainless.

Jury Strut to Spar Fitting

Spar Strut Fitting, Chromoily Steel 

Aileron Pivet Hinge (4130 Steel)

Flap / aileron Push Fitting

Piper Type Flap or Aileron Hinge Assembly (Steel)

Piper Type Spar Spacer Extrusion 36" for Strut Fitting Spacer

Elevator / Rudder Service Ribs

Aileron Bell Crank
364 Aluminum T-6 Hard

6060-T6 Aluminum Struts (Anodized)

10' "D" Section for Aileron / Flap Leading Edges
For Riblett 56", 63",66" & Taylorcraft Aircraft.  

Trailing Edge Pre-Formed 10'

Piper Type Aileron / Flap "D" Section (Extrusion)

Aileron / Flap Kit (Piper Type)
All Parts & Instructions for 10' Aileron or Flap

Compression Member for Piper Type Wings 31" Spar Spacing
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